In the 1800s the term “scrap book” was first used to define “a book with blank pages for pasting items into.”

For this Music Practice Game, we are going to use a book with blank pages to create a fun visual representation of what the music student achieves aurally during their music practice sessions.

What you need:

  • a blank paper scrap book (like those found at school stationery suppliers)
  • stickers and/or stamps
  • one music student
  • your music instrument
  • the piece of music you are working on
cartoon chocolate bar, hamburger, milkshake depicts processed food. cartoon stereo, CDs and the Wiggles depicts processed music


  • open to a new blank page in your scrap book and put the date on the top
  • identify the piece of music, bar, passage or exercise that your teacher wants you to practise most
  • begin by playing through the identified practice once, correctly and beautifully
  • upon completion of the correct and beautiful repetition, place a stamp or sticker on the page
  • keep practising the bar, passage, exercise or piece, placing a stamp of stick on the page for each correct and beautiful repetition
  • see if you can get more of the page filled each time you practise



  1. Put the name of the piece, bar number, exercise or passage at the the top of the page and then the date for each practice to get a visual reminder of your progress.
  2. Decide at the start of your practise how many stamps or stickers you are aiming for today and see if you can complete that many correct and beautiful repetitions.
  3. Count how many stamps or stickers you achieved during your last practice and try to get just one more.

Time for Reflection

This really is a great way to represent visually what your student has accomplished aurally through time. Especially when they are feeling frustrated with their progress, this becomes a wonderful tool for reflection and helps to build confidence and resilience.