The first written records of dice being used are found in the ancient Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata, which was composed in India more than 2,000 years ago. However, cubical dice with markings very similar to those found on modern dice have been found in Chinese excavations from 600bce and in Egyptian tombs dating back to as early as 2,000bce.

This very simple Roll the Dice game uses the 6-sided item to generate a random outcome that keeps music practice engaging and fun!

What you need:

  • one 6-sided die
  • 2 players – one music student and one parent
  • your music instrument
  • the piece of music you are working on

cartoon chocolate bar, hamburger, milkshake depicts processed food. cartoon stereo, CDs and the Wiggles depicts processed music

How to play:

  • identify the piece of music, bar, passage or exercise that your teacher wants you to practise this week
  • player 2 (parent) begins by rolling the die
  • player 1 then plays through the identified practice as many times as shown on the die – slowly
  • after a few days you should be able to speed up little by little as you train your fingers to do what you want them to


  1. As you progress on your musical journey you can add an extra die and roll both together to make your practice longer – or use a 10-sided die instead for some variety.
  2. If you can play your instrument while standing up, then both players stand at one end of the room. Player one moves the number of steps as shown on the die. Player two moves one step for each correct and beautiful repetition. First person to make it to the other end of the room wins.
  3. If you play a piano or cello, or any other instrument which you need to sit in place for, you can use a marker – such as a ruler – for your spot in the room and get up to move it between each roll of the die.


Your music practice will never be the same again – Enjoy!