Music Education in Early Childhood

With over 25 years experience, Music Works Magic provides quality professional development, music programs and educational resources. Our educator workshops, professional development sessions, teacher training, in-centre music programs, books, CDs and recordings, puppets, instruments all come together to ensure your centre is at the forefront of 100% Organic Music Education.

Doing your course has given me the confidence not just to work with children but to sing and lead parents to sing with their children. You have inspired me, Anna to go out there and get everyone singing! Together we can change the world, and fill it with the love, joy and energy that music brings! Thanks so much – keep in touch!

S. T.


I have done many music workshops over the years where the presenters used the very high sing-song voice but never explained why this is preferable to the lower register. I hadn’t really thought about the use of recorded music denying children the chance to really hear and focus on their voice at work. Thanks again!

Tess Brooks

Balwyn East Kindergarten

I found my singing voice! I have become more confident to just present music sessions organically, using loads of incidental vocalisations, and with out any accompanying music.

Teresa Wojcik

ELC Teacher