ukulele intensive

Ukulele Intensive Holiday Program 

The last few years has seen this fun instrument make a huge come back, and no wonder – the ukulele is easy to learn, affordable, portable, fun and entertaining! Now you can get on board and learn to play the Ukulele with other like-minded friends.

Now at Music Works Magic children aged between 4yo and 12yo  can enjoy a week long intensive and learn to play the Ukulele with like-minded friends. No previous experience is necessary – children can join an intensive once they turn 4 and are singing well in tune.

We  will meet each day, Monday to Friday, for a 30min lesson to learn how to play a varied repertoire of songs as we play musical games, learn dances and the chord formations while singing along. All participants will receive a Ukulele Intensive Ensemble bag with their enrolment.


For children aged from 4 to 12yo 

Mon 15th January – Fri 19th January


Mon 22nd January – Thur 25th January

9 Day Holiday Intensive

Class Times

4yo – 7yo*       9:15am -10:00am




 Full Week Tuition

$270 per child

excluding any equipment required

Each child will require a ukulele, we recommend the Makala ($69.95)* and we will have these in store.

Students will need a felt pick $2.50

A capo $14.95

A ukulele tuner $32.95

*They retain their tuning consistently.



Limited Numbers per Class

* Ask about our Ensemble & Music Class Double-Up Special for those attending the 9:30am Ukulele Intensive

What you will need

There is quite a lot of variance in the quality of ukuleles and the sound they produce. At Music Works Magic we use non-expensive instruments and prefer all group members to have the same brand and model so as to create a more uniform sound. 

Members of the Ukulele Intensive Ensemble are required to have:

Makala Soprano Ukulele with carry bag which hold their tuning very well and have dots to help young hands form the patterns required.

Ukulele Capo which makes it easier for young beginners to learn to play this instrument

Ukulele Intensive Participants may also want:

Ukulele Strap and Pin (attached for no additional charge) to make it easier to hold and play the instrument

Snark Digital Tuner to ensure your instrument stays in tune and sounds beautiful when playing


Ukulele Intensive Expression of Interest Form