20 hour comprehensive Teacher Training COURSE
Term 2, 2021

Commencing  SATURDAY MAY 1st  
3-5pm over 8 sessions of 2 hours per week   


for Adults Working with Children (babies - 8yrs)

You will learn to:

create meaningful, sequential, developmentally appropriate music programs for young children with evaluation criteria

develop confidence in your own musical ability and mindfulness of sound

extend your song and game repertoire

understand the role of music literacy

use instruments appropriately and learn how to effectively use a range of props to help engage children

understand VOCAL PLAY

evoke musical responses and help children sing in tune with confidence

understand music and the EYLF

understand how to deliver a 100% organic music program

Course Requirements

A willingness to actively participate

No musical experience necessary

Also suitable for music teachers with a wealth of experience

Presentation of 3 musical items to the group demonstrating a thorough understanding of teaching points explored.

During the course:

each participant will be offered a wealth of new material and ideas, supported by a workable educational philosophy

we will build a resource file of exciting, fun material including songs, dances and games

we will build confidence on using our singing voices

we will develop an understanding of vocal health techniques

we will explore the application of percussive and melodic instruments for classroom use