Suzuki Teachers

Eddy Markovican — Suzuki Guitar

Eddy Markovican,B.Mus. (Hon.) Suzuki Music (primary accreditation), completed a Bachelor of Music Degree at Monash University in 2002, majoring in composition and performance. Eddy has studied harmony, counterpoint, 12-tone serialism, and Shenkerian analysis with Thomas Reiner. composition with Peter MacIlwain, classical guitar studies with Jochen Schubert and Ken Murray. In 2003 Eddy completed an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Music at Monash University specialising in composition, specifically process composition. Eddy currently teaches classical guitar at various locations, working with very young children, teens and adults. Eddy has completed his primary level training and accreditation with the Suzuki Talent Education Association. Eddy also teaches rock guitar and has developed his own Rock This Way method. Eddy teaches children 4+ as well as adults.

Akiko Skewes — Suzuki Piano

Akiko is an exciting and passionate piano teacher who provides a positive learning experience in which each individual student is able to excel at their own pace. She has taught a wide range of ages and levels over many years. Akiko specialises in tailoring her program to suit the student's needs and learning style.

Having played the piano from a very young age, Akiko has gained valuable experience and knowledge in music performance which she enjoys passing on to all that are keen to learn.

Akiko has completed her Suzuki Teacher Training Accreditation and teaches Suzuki, as well as traditional and AMEB methods, paying close attention to technique and musicality in her lessons.

Akiko is also an experienced accompanist and has performed with all kinds of musical groups; school choirs, wind ensembles, orchestras, AMEB exams, concerts, competitions and eisteddfods.

Currently, she teaches at Mont Albert Primary School, her home studio, and Music Works Magic.

Catherine West — Suzuki Piano

Cat West is very proud to be a Suzuki piano teacher! Having commenced her piano education with the Suzuki Piano Method at age 6, a life-long love of the method commenced young and stayed with her for life. Cat believes the encouraging and rewarding Suzuki Method is a truly wonderful piano education experience. Having learned violin, guitar and voice also, piano was the instrument that she decided she would focus on and that she would love to teach!  Cat is due to complete her Suzuki piano teacher training this year. She knows how important music education is for the brain and the soul, and she is very excited to share her love of music with students and families.

Emma Charles-Worthy — Suzuki Violin

Emma Charles, B. Mus. completed her Bachelor of music at Monash University in 2010 and is currently undertaking her honours degree in music performance. She is also undertaking the Suzuki Primary Accreditation course. She began her musical journey at the tender age of two, learning Suzuki violin under the tutorage of Cathy Lee in San Francisco. Since then she has learnt from top teachers including Moirsheen Kelly, Goertz Richter, Fintan Murphy and Elizabeth Sellars. Emma is currently in several chamber ensembles including the ‘’Banksia Trio’’ and Monash Sinfonia, who recently undertook a tour of Brazil. She has played on 3MBS as a soloist and in chamber groups as part of the ‘’Live at the Convent’’ program. Emma loves the mixture of teaching all age groups and has a strong focus on technique and musicality.

Evelyn Searle — Suzuki Cello

Evelyn Searle began her studies in cello, as a Suzuki student, at the age of four under the tutelage of Simon Meighan. She has completed a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Performance at the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne, where she has been a member of the Symphony Orchestra, String Ensemble and numerous chamber ensembles and was also the holder of the E & D Rogowski Scholarship.  Evelyn is also a member of the Asian Australian Orchestra and the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Orchestra and a pit musician for the Savoy Opera Company. She offers Suzuki method lessons and AMEB at Music Works Magic and is passionate about her teaching. Her Suzuki students have private lessons as well as 3 group lessons per term. Her AMEB students work towards exams though some elect to just work their way through syllabus without the pressure of exams. Her students perform in our end of term concert each term supported and often accompanied by Evelyn.

Karen Dunlop — Suzuki Flute

Karen Dunlop (B. Mus, A Mus .A, L Mus A.) is a Suzuki Primary Flute Teacher, a Suzuki approved Baby and Toddler trainee, and teaches Orff Schulwerk at stage 1.

Karen has had extensive experience teaching kids flute privately, and in schools. She has also taught music for babies and toddlers privately and for organisations.

Karen finds music and education endlessly fascinating. Teaching music brings her the greatest joy.

Maddy Bryner — Suzuki Piano

Madeline Bryner grew up as a Suzuki piano student under the guidance of Nehama Patkin. At the age of 14, she travelled to Barcelona with Patkin to perform in the Palau de la Música. She has since acquired an Associate Diploma in Music (AmusA) from AMEB. Madeline has accompanied Vox Synergy choir for two years as part of Melbourne Youth Music, where she worked under the wings of Kate Sadler, Cameron Menzies and Rebecca Lang. She also plays violin and composes music for all instruments.

Madeline has also completed a Masters of Primary Teaching at The University of Melbourne. She has taught at Sholem Aleichem College and Bialik College, where she focussed on teaching languages with a mix of traditional methods and always aimed to incorporate music in the classroom.

She now teaches the Suzuki method to piano students. The Suzuki method is associated with the Mother-Tongue Approach, in that every child effectively learns his mother tongue, through encouragement and love from the family. Along with care and growing up in a nurturing environment, every child has the ability and aptitude to learn an instrument.

Peter Hurley — Suzuki Piano

Peter Hurley has had a broad and lengthy career contemplating aural training. During a 25 year period, he has been involved in primary, secondary and tertiary music programs as a teacher, assessor and curriculum developer. Peter is currently lecturer in Aural Studies and Topics in Musicology – Music Theatre and Cabaret at the University of Melbourne. He continues to be involved in curriculum development and as an assessor with the AMEB, the VCAA and the Yamaha Music Foundation. Peter has also lectured at the VCA, Box Hill Institute, Melba Memorial Conservatorium, the VMTA, and the Suzuki Talent Education Association and continues associations with these institutions. He is currently engaged in post graduate research in audio cognition, specifically relating to pitch and memory. Peter is one of our wonderful senior  teachers here at Music Works Magic teaching traditional piano, Suzuki piano theory and aural musicianship as well as voice and musical theatre.

Yukiyo Hidaka— Suzuki Piano

As a qualified Suzuki piano teacher, Yukiyo is very passionate about Dr Suzuki’s philosophies in music and personal development. After completing the Suzuki teacher training course she has continued her self-development under the guidance of one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Suzuki teachers.

She takes pride in her calm and patient approach to teaching and sets achievable short term goals tailored to varying student abilities to ensure continued progression in the long term.  

Yukiyo is dedicated to building a solid technical foundation for her students and teaches with a goal of nurturing children into outstanding individuals who love and enjoy music for the rest of their lives. As well as listening and playing skills, Yukiyo also introduces music reading in addition to the Suzuki program at an early stage as she believes it is vital to learning music.

Her own children were introduced to Suzuki piano at an early age. With this first-hand experience as a Suzuki parent coupled with her Suzuki teaching qualification, she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to foster a young individual into a fine musician.