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Music for Life

Immersion in music best begins before your children are even born. We don’t wait until they are ‘old enough’ before we start talking to them, so why do we defer singing with them? Babies are known to have musical memory from as young as 22 weeks in-utero. Gordon observed that even the youngest babies can sing and vocally respond without words. At Music Works Magic you can enjoy the wonderful musical journey together with your child whilst being part of a community that sings and moves together, interacting through music.

With an understanding that the voice is our first instrument, we believe that the skill of singing in tune is enabled by effective listening and the ability to recall the sounds that you hear. Good musicians always sing.

ensembles from 4yo

Music Works Magic has a number of small group instrument ensemble options including Toot Suit Recorder, Uke ‘n Play, and the Magic Voices Children’s Choir.

instrument readiness

Music Works Magic embraces a developmental approach to music education based on the philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian music educator, who said that before we put expensive instruments into the hands of our young, they must first be able to sing in tune.