Toot Suite Recorder Group


Toot Suite Recorder Ensemble began as a natural progression from the pre-instrumental classes offered at Music Works Magic. Many children wish to continue the interactive experience, enjoying the social aspect of making music with like minded friends through learning an instrument.

Children can begin in the group once they have turned 4 and are singing well in tune. We meet each week for 40 minutes of singing, playing games, dancing and learning a wonderful varied repertoire. We also begin to learn basic literacy through a Kodaly based approach, whilst exploring the many essential skills for playing recorder and for playing in a group. Throughout these processes, we will discover wonderful new music together. We have a number of ensembles, each at various stages of their development, and are always happy to begin a new group with enough interest.

Who Can Join?

Children aged 4-10 can join our Toot Suite Recorder Ensemble.

There is a lot of variance in recorders and their sound. We use non expensive recorders but prefer all students to purchase the same brand and model so the sound is more uniform.

Members are required to have or order:

  • Ensemble Pack Includes a Display Book and Badge supplied in an Ensemble Bag 
  • My First Recorder Book
  • Yamaha Soprano Recorder (white) with carry bag
  • Plain white T-Shirt for all performances


We rehearse for 1 hour each week. In rehearsals we learn how to read the music we sing and how to hear it even before we sound it out loud!

New Ensembles begin each term with minimum interest.

We ask for a full year committment so that the ensemble has the time to develop as a group.

Students wear the Music Works Magic badge and a white shirt or t-shirt to rehearsals and performances.


The Ensembles currently perform at our four end of term concerts.