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Introduction to 100% Organic Music | Music Works Magic

100% organic music intro

Introduction to 100% Organic Music

Based on the longitudinal research study which resulted in her PhD, Dr Anna Mlynek-Kalman invites you to explore the latest in music pedagogy and best practice for the ELC, which led to the publication of “YOO-HOO! Collaborative Learning Through Musical Play and Discovery in Early Childhood; A Music Framework”.

This 2 hour, self-paced program runs over 4 modules with engaging, practical components included. It offers detailed, actionable steps to take in the classroom at the completion of each module.

Upon completion of the 4, half-hour modules, Anna invites you to join her for a 15 minute one-on-one Q&A session over zoom.


Gain an understanding of:

Participant requirements:

latest research findings in the area of Early Childhood Music Pedagogy

the Contour Vocal Play Framework

powerful benefits of daily 100% organic music

the important role music plays in brain development

the process of modelling, scaffolding and reflection pertaining to daily musicking 

enthusiasm for new best practices

willingness to actively participate

readiness to explore sound play with individual children in your centre

no previous music experience necessary

also suitable for music teachers with a wealth of experience


What you will need

Two nominated hours, in 4 half-hour blocks, to watch the training modules (YouTube videos) followed by 15 minutes for a LIVE Zoom Q&A with Dr. Anna Mlynek-Kalman (at a mutually agreed time).

Your singing voice, smiling face and readiness to participate throughout the modules, along with Anna on the screen in the privacy of your study or as a staff group together. Anna promises you’ll have a lot of fun completing this course together.

Come and learn about the latest research from the comfort of your own computer.


The Online Introduction to 100% Organic Music includes 4 half-hour modules and a 15min LIVE Q&A with Dr. Anna Mlynek-Kalman.

Each module includes a number of review questions and access to the next module is provided upon receipt of the correct answers.

The complete course is just $125 and each registered participant receives a certificate of completion and a copy of “Yoo-Hoo! Collaborative Learning Through Musical Play and Discovery in Early Childhood; A Music Framework” by Dr. Anna Mlynek-Kalman.


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