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Voice Collectors – Chinese Culture


Voice Collectors is a vibrant collection of the many different musical traditions that come from the country of China. In this book, thirty-two Chinese men and women—representing a variety of ages, occupations, geographic regions, and ethnicities—joyfully recall their musical experiences and share popular or significant songs from their home provinces. Each chapter includes a biographical sketch and photograph of its Culture Bearer, followed by a vocal or instrumental selection of their choosing. Beautiful field recordings featuring authentic musical performances by each Culture Bearer are included for all songs, along with notation (when applicable), background and translations, pinyin, and audio pronunciation guides. Each chapter also conveniently includes ideas for classroom use—pedagogical extensions, activities, and discussion questions—as well as ideas for at-home use with families

Especially noteworthy are the short, imaginative children’s stories and vibrant full-color illustrations that conclude each chapter, offering yet another entry point for young learners. Equally suited for the elementary and middle school music classrooms or for at-home use, Voice Collectors is the perfect source for exploring the diversity of musical sounds, textures, instruments, and timbres of Chinese music in a meaningful and culturally connected way.

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