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The Book of Church Songs and Spirituals


Years in the making, this comprehensive collection of church songs and spirituals is perfect for anyone looking for great songs for children’s choir rehearsals, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, church and vesper services, church camps, “singings,” fellowship events, revival services, elementary music classrooms, and other church, music, and social gatherings. All of these songs express the Christian faith through a wide range of genres and styles. And all have survived primarily through the oral tradition, offering children and adults the opportunity to share a faith tradition together through music that spans centuries. These songs are organized into pedagogical sections, including:
• Songs and Chants with Movement
• Fragment Songs
• Story Songs
• Lullabies
• Canons
• Spirituals
• Early American Hymn Tunes; and
• A Few More

“Spirituals” and “Early American Hymn Tunes” feature songs that share a common origin, and the final section adds yet “A Few More” delightful church songs that don’t fall into any other category.

This much-anticipated collection is sure to delight anyone looking to engage young people (preschool through high school) with the best of our musical heritage.

John M. Feierabend, PhD, has spent decades compiling songs and rhymes from the memories of the American people, in hopes that these treasures will be preserved for future generations. He is Professor and Chair of the Music Education Department at The Hartt School of the University of Hartford.

Dr. Madeline Bridges is Associate Dean for Academic Studies and Professor of Music Education in the School of Music at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She has taught music and music education in classrooms from kindergarten through the graduate level and serves as Project Director of the Tennessee Arts Academy and Director of the Nashville Children’s Choir Program.

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