Pixie Harp 19 String Carved Leaning

Pixie Harp 19 String Carved Leaning

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19 string Pixie Harp leaning
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Pixie Harp 19 String Carved Leaning

19 string Pixie Harp. Carved beechwood frame with birch soundboard. Leaning model. No sharpening levers.

The next level up from the Baby Harp is the beautiful Pixie harp. The wider range afforded by the extra strings allows for a larger repertoire and the bigger size of the instrument gives a louder projection and tone. Leaning model is not free-standing - for the free standing version please see #01105 Standing Pixie Harp which also includes sharpening levers.

19 strings - 2.5 octaves
29" tall
Perfect for beginner songs and exercises
Note range of F3 to C6
Supplied in soft gig bag
No sharpening levers
'Leaning' model

Tuning method- Celtic harps are tuned Diatonically, i.e. to a Major Scale.
Starting at the bass end, the strings are tuned in the following fashion:
C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E etc
After tuning all the C notes should be on the RED strings and all of the F notes on the BLUE strings.