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Old Joe Clark


Even the big bad fox can’t resist joining the fun in this topsy-turvy folk song, part of a series of captivating picture books based on beloved songtales from the great American folk music tradition.

The song’s catchy Mixolydian melody and comical depiction of Old Joe Clark have made this song an American favorite since the early 1900s.

Garant Cosey’s vibrant illustrations capture the imaginative spirit of the song, featuring characters who are singing, dancing, and playing the banjo (and spoons). More than 90 silly verses have been published for this song over the years. Add to the fun by creating your own!

Like the other folk song picture books in the series, Old Joe Clark includes a description of the history of the song, the notation of the song, and a link to a free MP3 download of the song, sung by Jill Trinka.

Another winner collected by John M. Feierabend!

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