Jennie Jenkins

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Jennie Jenkins

Jennie Jenkins is a well-known American folk song sumptuously illustrated by Ashely Maurer. This book is the latest in our series of children’s picture books based on timeless songs and stories. A beautiful take on a timeless story, this picture book will become a favourite of today’s children, another wonderful chapter in the continuing legacy of a delightful, classic song tale. In the United States, “Jennie Jenkins” was sung as a way for a boy to ask a girl to dance. The boy would sing the first part and pick a colour and the girl would have to make up an answer that rhymed. If the girl failed to quickly respond with an appropriate answer, she would be required to dance with the boy. The fully notated version of this song with all the words is included at the end of the book, along with a detailed history of the song. An MP3 of the song is also available for free download.