Holiday Program ONLINE

Holiday Program ONLINE, Week 1 Once Daily Access

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Week One Daily AccessWeek Two Daily AccessBoth Weeks Daily AccessMon 20/9, 10amMon 20/9, 4pmTue 21/9, 10amWed 22/9, 10amWed 22/9, 12:15pmThur 23/9, 10amFri 24/9, 10amSat 25/9, 10amMon 27/9, 10amMon 27/9, 4pmTue 28/9, 10amWed 29/9, 10amWed 29/9, 12:15pmThur 30/9, 10amFri 1/10, 10amSat 2/10, 10am
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Holiday Program ONLINE, Week 1 Once Daily Access

Daily 40 minute ONLINE, LIVE and INTERACTIVE sessions of 100% Organic Music classes are open to babies, toddlers and children up to 6 yrs.

Children will engage with the adult in the room with them, as well as the LIVE teacher and classmates on the screen. We will sing, dance and play together. It’s lots of fun for everyone!