Heather Harp 22 Strings in Bag

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Heather harp - 22 strings in bag
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Heather Harp 22 Strings in Bag

Heather harp - 22 strings in bag. This is an inexpensive travel harp or beginner harp. It has 22 nylon strings & has a 3 octave range: from C to c. 22 string Heather Harp. Carved beechwood frame with birch soundboard. Design includes sharpening levers. Ideal teaching harp.

A lovely travel harp or starter instrument, the Heather harp has a 3 octave range and attractive carving making it a versatile and attractive choice. Sharpening levers on each string allow the player to alter tunings on the fly with no trouble.

Range: C6 to C3

22 x Standard Sharpening Levers

Soundboard: Beech Lamination

Body: Solid Beechwood

Natural Matt Finish

Includes: Carrying Bag, Tuning Wrench & extra set of strings.

Weight: 4.5kg 

Height: 91.5cm

Tuning method- Celtic harps are tuned Diatonically, i.e. to a Major Scale.

Starting at the bass end, the strings are tuned in the following fashion:

C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C-D-E etc

After tuning all the C notes should be on the RED strings and all of the F notes on the BLUE strings.