Koomzaal’s Funga Alafia

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Koomzaal’s Funga Alafia

This joyful song from West Africa calls you to a land of warm-hearted people and natural beauty. Funga Alafia is a song of welcome, peace, and gratitude. Play the CD, open the book, and let the dynamic sounds of the orchestra with the lively beat of percussion and the vivid illustrations pull you into the pages. Ride a camel! Watch a herd of elephants! Laugh and sing with the children of Africa! The detail in the faces of the children and the various animals inspire imaginary adventures full of fun and excitement. The special orchestra arrangement features a marimba solo using the Musicmap section. The huge trees filled with elephants delight children, as they touch each one in time with the sounds of the marimba.

Please Note: Funga Alafia and Moon are currently out of print. We are working with the supplier to have them available again as soon as possible.