Five Little Ducks

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MWM-Child's Play130
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Five Little Ducks

Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the
skills necessary for speech. By teaching simple sign language to
children from as young as eight months, we can help them to convey their
emotions and their needs. When children begin to talk, having sign
language to fall back on provides a comforting safety net. Favourite
nursery rhymes and songs, with babies and toddlers, signing and miming
along.  Developed with the support of Lancashire C.C. Early Years and
Childcare Service, and SureStart Resources Ltd. as part of their 'Sing,
Sign & Rhyme' series, these books encourage actions through mime and
BSL signs. While this book has been produced using British Sign
Language ALL signs used are correct in Australian Sign Language (Auslan)

Inclusions - twins.  (Disability) - Down's Syndrome Boy, girl with Cochlear Implant, girl with wrist splint.