Koomzaal’s Baby Chicks

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Koomzaal’s Baby Chicks

The Baby Chicks is a popular song in many Spanish-speaking countries; many adults have childhood memories of their grandmothers singing this song to them. In this beautifully illustrated book the artist used watercolors for the hen and her little chicks, and then created a collage for every page. The rough edges and transparent colors add depth and movement, so it's easy to imagine scooping up one of the fluffy chicks and hearing its little song. The orchestra arrangement, especially the introduction and bridge, brings to mind the sound of baby chicks moving around the yard. These lovable chicks give their wings a try in the Musicmap section: when children hear the oboe playing the melody, they love to follow the chicks in time with the music. You will find the lyrics in both English and Spanish, with an English pronunciation at the back of the book as well as the melody contour known as the Music Map.