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Individuals Catered For

Over the years, our Director, Dr Anna Mlynek-Kalman has built a team of passionate, highly experienced and qualified instrumental teachers who are creative in their approach and never compromising in the educational value they provide.

At Music Works Magic, children and adults are presented the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments via a number of different methods.

The Traditional Method of instrumental tuition involves the teacher choosing a series of books to work through with the student. It usually involves learning to read music and basic music theory from very early on in the student’s music playing journey.

Exam preparation is also available for those wanting to pursue this option.

 The Suzuki Method is sometimes called the “Mother-Tongue” method and involves immersing the student in the sounds of music, listening to a CD each day while being lovingly nurtured by their teacher and parent to learn correct posture and technique while reproducing the music they hear.

Reading music is introduced once the student has established a solid musical repertoire.

Colour Strings is a Kodaly based, child centred approach to string instrument tuition. Students develops their inner hearing skills through singing (using sol-fa), reading and playing their chosen instrument.

The teacher-child-parent relationship is key to the success of the student using Colour Strings.

Music is for Sharing

At Music Works Magic we encourage all our students to perform at our End of Term Concerts to gain experience sharing their music in front of an appreciative audience. We also welcome every student as audience members at our concerts to learn from and support each other, even if they choose not to perform.