School Holiday Magic

Meet the Musicians

Monday 23rd September

10:15am - 11:15am

Does your child love music?

- Hear Musicians Perform
- Readiness Assessment
- Meet the Musicians
- Choose Your Favourite Instrument
- Q & A

Guitar, Violin, Cello and Piano

The Method

Suzuki - an aural approach specifically designed for young children, with our very specialised, experienced and highly trained teachers (who will be performing on the day).

$20 per family

Nicki Kramer
Highly motivated and versatile fiddle player and teacher
More About Nicki
Meredith Connie
Over 20yrs of teaching and performing experience
More About Meredith
Evelyn Searle
Passionate Cello teacher and experienced performer.
More About Evelyn
Karen Dunlop
Dedicated Suzuki Flute teacher
More About Karen
Glavier Noriega
Passionate Harpist and Harp Teacher
More About Glavier
Catherine West
Dedicated and loved piano teacher.
More About Catherine
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