Magic Voices Children's Choir

Tuesdays 5-6pm

Magic Voices Children's Choir began as a natural progression from the pre-instrumental classes offered at Music Works Magic. Many children wish to continue the interactive singing experience, enjoying the social aspect of making music with like minded friends.

The children range in age from 6-12 yrs. We meet for 1 hour once per week, singing, playing games, dancing and learning a wonderful varied repertoire. We have begun to learn basic literacy through a Kodaly based approach. We continue to explore the many skills that are essential for participating in a choir while discovering wonderful new music.

We are happy to have new members. We believe that all children can learn to sing provided they have the right experiences. We aim to provide the very best musical experiences. Children sing predominantly a range of folk and traditional music from around the world well as songs composed for children's choirs.

Who Can Join?

We believe that all children can learn to sing. Even children with hearing implants have come to join us and learned to sing.

It has been reported that 98% of the population can learn to sing reasonably in tune, given the right experiences – and that's what we are about – providing children with those special experiences! We explore the entire range of our voices and create a unique learning atmosphere in which our children can grow. This choir is for children at primary school.


We rehearse every Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour. In rehearsals, we learn how to read the music we sing and how to hear it even before we sound it out loud!


Sessions have several focuses, broken up by interactive dances and games. We ask our members to sign up by the semester so that the choir has continuity and time to develop as a group.

Members purchase a Choir Pack upon enrolment which includes their choir t-shirt, a display book and a Music Works Magic bag to keep and store their music in. All members also receive digital access to sound files which helps them practise at home.


The choir currently perform a short selection of songs at our four end of term concerts. The Choir are also regularly invited to perform 30-45 minute repertoire at aged care centres each term.

Choir Enquiry Form - We will be sure to let you know when Magic Voices Children's Choir starts up again