magic voices children’s choir

Magic Voices Children’s Choir

The Magic Voices Children’s Choir began as a natural progression from the  pre-instrumental classes for school aged children (prep – grade 6) offered at Music Works Magic. Many children wish to continue the interactive singing experience, enjoying the social aspect of musicking with like-minded friends.

Primary school children (aged 6-12 yrs) are welcome to join our choir. We meet each week for a one hour fun session of singing, playing games, dancing and learning a wonderful varied repertoire. We also begin to learn basic music literacy through a Kodaly based approach, whilst exploring the many essential skills for performing in an ensemble.

We are always happy for new members, believing that all children can learn to sing provided they are immersed in the right environment. We aim to provide the very best musical experiences, singing a range of predominantly folk and traditional music from around the world as well as songs specially composed for children’s choirs.

In this way we explore the entire range of our voices and create a unique learning atmosphere in which the children grow.


We rehearse for 1 hour each week. Sessions have several focuses, broken up by interactive dances and games.

We ask for a full year commitment so that the choir has the time to develop as a group.


The Magic Voices Children’s Choir performs at our End of Term Concerts wearing their choir t-shirt.

What you will need

Members of the Magic Voices Children’s Choir are supplied with:

Display book

Choir t-shirt

Ensemble Bag

Digital access to sound files for at-home practice

The Benefits of Group Music Experiences

Develop active listening skills and a keen ‘ear’ with the ability to hear tunes inside their heads by being immersed in the foundational experiences for 'thinking sound'.

Improve concentration, acquisition of language, numeracy and memory.

Ability to follow instruction, focus and problem solve.

Gain self esteem through mastery of their very own musical instrument—their singing voice.

Foster both gross and fine motor skill co-ordination within a music and dance environment.

Enhance social skills through positive interact opportunities with other children and adults in a warm, nurturing and cheerful environment.

Experience growth in identity and self-confidence as they experience the joys of expressing themselves creatively and performing in a supportive setting.

Build an appreciation for the beauty of sound, creating concert audiences of the future.

Create strong foundations for the enjoyment of Music For Life

Grow your child's ability to follow instruction, focus and problem solve.

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