Our Instrumental Teachers

Over the years, our Director, Anna, has built a team of like-minded music teachers who are creative in their approach, highly qualified and experienced, yet never compromise on the educational value that they aim to provide.

Music Works Magic has a team of highly qualified instrumental teachers, who teach individual or small group lessons to both children and adults. We offer the following methods of teaching, on a variety of instruments, in order to best suit the student's needs. 

  • Traditional Method, whereby the teacher will choose a series of books to work through with the student.
  • Coloured Strings Method which is a Kodaly based, child centered approach to music education.
  • Suzuki Method which is often called the "Mother-Tongue" method, whereby the student is immersed in the sounds of music, listening to a CD each day whilst being lovingly nurtured by their teacher and parent to learn correct posture and technique while reproducing the music they hear. Reading music is introduced once the student has established a solid musical repertoire.

Our pre-instrumental and group class teachers are extensively trained and vastly experienced. We meet regularly for professional development and attend conferences locally, as well as nationally and internationally to discover fresh, new and interesting ways to present our material. We love what we do, and you will too! This year we are celebrating 20 years of music making excellence.