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Instrument Ensembles | Music Works Magic

group ensembles

Musicking Together

At Music Works Magic our aim is to create life-long music lovers and creators. Innately, we all know that music is better when it is shared.

Even more than that, science has proven that music strengthens empathy. Brain scans have shown that music activates a multitude of areas in the brain, including the areas that help us understand what others are thinking and feeling. This helps us to predict how some-one else might behave which is a social skill scientist call “theory of mind”. Most commonly it is called empathy.

Our fun weekly instrumental ensemble classes are carefully designed to gently take each child on their own special musical journey – while enjoying the benefits of playing together in a group.

Your children will grow in confidence as they experience the joys of exploring their musicking together with like-minded friends.


The Benefits of Group Music Experiences

Develop active listening skills and a keen ‘ear’ with the ability to hear tunes inside one's head by being immersed in the foundational experiences for 'thinking sound'.

Improve concentration, acquisition of language, numeracy and memory.

Ability to follow instruction, focus and problem solve.

Gain self esteem through mastery of their very own musical instrument—their singing voice.

Foster both gross and fine motor skill co-ordination within a music and dance environment.

Enhance social skills through positive interact opportunities with other children and adults in a warm, nurturing and cheerful environment.

Experience growth in identity and self-confidence as they experience the joys of expressing themselves creatively and performing in a supportive setting.

Build an appreciation for the beauty of sound, creating concert audiences of the future.

Create strong foundations for the enjoyment of Music For Life

Grow your child's ability to follow instruction, focus and problem solve.

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Have a question about a specific class? Need help placing an order in our online shop? The Music Works Magic Team is always happy to help! Simply fill out your details here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Alternatively, you can visit or call us at our studio!

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