instrument choices

Individuals Catered For

At Music Works Magic we cater for each person’s – whether child or adult – individual needs. Our teachers are carefully selected according to the specific requirements of each child or adult. Group and individual tuition is available in the following instruments:


Keyboard (for adults only)





Guitar / Electric Bass







Trumpet / Cornet

French Horn




Drums / Percussion


This family of instruments mostly look alike, apart from their size, and are played in much the same way. Their strings are either strummed, plucked or vibrated with a bow to produce deep, rich sounds. Music Works Magic currently has teachers available for tuition in:

Guitar; Bass Guitar; Cello; Viola; Violin; Double Bass; Harp;  Ukulele

The instruments in this section of the orchestra are all played with ‘wind’ from the musician’s mouth.

The flute and piccolo are played by blowing air across the mouthpiece. Most other Woodwind instruments use a reed which vibrates, creating a sound, when the musician blows on it.

The musician creates a variety of notes by covering different holes, or pressing down on different keys while blowing into the instrument.

We offer piano classes for all ages (3+) and skill levels. Learn a range of genres including Traditional, Jazz and Modern styles, as well as Suzuki classical.

Basic skills: Reading sheet music; Proper technique; Timing and dynamics; Learning piano layout.

Advanced techniques: Pedalling; Trills; Chord inversions; Applied music theory.


We offer Vocal and Singing lessons for all ages and skill levels. Learn for your vocal style, and sing in a range of genres.

Children and adults have the opportunity to take private singing lessons using either a Traditional or Suzuki method approach.

We also offer our after school
Magic Voices Children’s Choir
for 6-12 year olds.

We offer drum and percussion classes for all ages (3+) and skill levels. Learn a range of styles including Jazz, Rock and Blues.

Basic skills: Drum kit & drumstick basics; Rhythm & stroke techniques; Reading sheet music; Kick & cymbals.
Advanced techniques
: Improved speed and co-ordination; Advanced fills and loops; Snare tone.