Harp Teachers

Glavier Aldana Noriega

Glavier is a harpist and harp teacher, classically trained at the renowned Simon Bolivar Conservatory in Venezuela, and is currently the Principal Harp for the Melbourne Youth Orchestra (MYO). Glavier was the first harpist to join the youth orchestra of Los Altos Mirandinos in Venezuela from 2014 to 2016.  Under the guidance of a number of highly acclaimed global harpists, Glavier has had the privilege of training alongside the notorious International Harp Contest winner, Isabel Moretti, Madrid University’s Lead Harpist, Zoraida Avila and the former Principal Harp for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Judy Loman.

Glavier’s experience extends to the international stage where she has performed at Colombia’s Catedra Salvi de Arpa’, and she has attended master classes with the esteemed Sivan Magen and Emmanuel Ceysson.  In 2014 Glavier attended the World Harp Congress in Sydney, in 2016 the Young Artist Harp Seminar in Atlanta and currently she performs regularly in Melbourne with the MYO as well as in solo performances for private and corporate events.

Glavier looks forward to sharing her passion for music and inspiring children and adults at Music Works Magic who love the sounds of the harp and want to learn to play this celestial instrument!