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Music Works Magic teachers can visit your classroom for meaningful, developmentally appropriate interactive and engaging music fun. They are available for:

special one-off incursions

several visits during the term

ongoing weekly sessions

Use the form below or call our Director, Dr Anna Mlynek-Kalman on            0425 854 020 to have one of our trained music teachers visit your classroom.

Sessions with Music Works Magic

We pride ourselves on creating meaningful, sequential, developmentally appropriate music programs for young children with evaluation criteria that fit the current EYLF and suit the theme running in your classroom.

p♪Our #1 goal is to have all children grow up to sing lullabies to their children.
We work with educators to immerse the next generation in the language of music on a daily basis, creating life-long musicking communities.

We build the children’s confidence and listening skills through live singing and interactive music experiences.
Our programs build confidence through movement, dance, observation and vocal self-exploration. Creative repetition is the key to all learning. Good listeners are good learners.

Music Works Magic is the fun way to help raise brain IQ (up to age 7).
Our teachers understand how valuable musical experiences are for brain development, bonding processes and lifetime learning strategies. We  recognise that our students receive a multitude of life-long benefits from their musical experiences.

We understand the difference between education, edutainment and entertainment.
We pride ourselves on our exciting educational programs based on sound philosophies and pedagogies. Our staff workshop new material and ideas regularly to ensure best practice and outcome for our students.

Our programs prepare students for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.
Whether as audience members or musicians, we thrive on building good musical foundations for children and adults alike. We plant the seeds that ensure the children become audiences of future wonderful concerts.

With over 25 years experience, we provide quality professional development and educational resources
Educator workshops, professional development sessions, teacher training, books, CDs, puppets, instruments – Music Works Magic is your one stop music resource centre.

Surrey Hills Preschool has been very fortunate to have Navaz Varkey from Music Works Magic join us every year for an eight week specialist music program. It is always a wonderful success with both our three and four year old children and our staff gaining so much from the time Navaz spends with us.

Navaz brings with her specialised knowledge of music development in young children, amazing strategies to support their confidence in finding their singing voices and a warm and gentle manner that supports their trust and willingness to take risks.

Each session, which is different each year, is well planned out, is at a perfect pace for our young group and beautifully executed. Navaz is able to employ clear, but gentle and respectful expectations of behaviour while at the same time giving the children age appropriate songs, games and movement activities that keep them engaged and having fun.


Karen Woolsey

Surrey Hills Preschool

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