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Bong! Goes the bell in the rickety tower, Twelve times...that means it's Spooky Hour. Listen! Hush! Oooh, what's that sound? The midnight spooks are coming round. The creepy countdown has begun, so get ready to giggle at funny, floaty ghosts, clickety-clackety skeletons and terrific tromping trolls! A real rollicking, romping, rhyming story, read with real and energy by Rik Mayall, and with hilarious illustrations - perfect for every little monster!
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Counting fairies backwards might just be the right way to see a real fairy! But if that doesn't work, fairy-mad children will be enchanted by Nancy Trott's rhyming magic world, and will be counting backwards in no time at all.
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Three hopeful fisherman wait in their "cobble" for the wind to fill their sails and take them home. But the Weather Witch says "Nay!" and won't let the wind blow at all. As the sailors wait, the waves reflect the musical sounds shown in music notation on each page. Age: 4-6 Purpose: discover melodic contour: pattern of sounds- discover connection between sounds and visual representation- develop in tune singing voice- solo singing opportunity - practise beat passing practice inner hearing.
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Captivating art, with graceful lines and a stunning use of colour, this deluxe picture book is the perfect complement to this well known song. The accompanying CD, performed by Judy Collins, and high quality production make it a volume to treasure forever.
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