Magical Musical Birthday Parties with Music Works Magic Now On-Line

Sing, dance and play the Music Works Magic way for your child's next birthday! This page will be fully up-dated by April 7th. Call 0425 854020 for details.

- We will send you a themed electronic invitation to email to all your friends and family, then send a link for them to register and zoom into our online party room.

- We can arrange a party bag to be collected or sent to each child attending with party gifts that will be used in our party session, chosen by you from our wide selection. (Including shakers, tambourines, castanets, bells, kazoos, finger puppets etc. according to your budget - we are happy to advise).

-We can arrange a special gift of your choice for your child that will be used in the online party and would be pleased to suggest items and advise from our online shop according to your budget. We can even create an online gift register.

- The music get together will allow all invitees, family and friends to see each other through our online Zoom program and together with our Music Works Magic teacher we will run a fully organic interactive one hour sing, dance and play party from the safety of your own home or garden.

- Following the hour long musical interaction, we will continue the online party and ask parents to bring some party food out so the children and adults can spend a further relaxed 20 minutes eating, chatting and celebrating together catching up online.

- As you light some candles and bring out a birthday cake, we will all sing the Happy Birthday song and For S/He's a Jolly Good Lassie/Fellow, accompanied by the party facilitator who will play along on the ukulele. We will finish up our party singing and bidding everyone goodbye.

In these difficult times it is especially important to celebrate together and what better way than with the magic of our interactive, 100% organic online music Birthday Party!

The party can be recorded by Music Works Magic and the link can be sent to you to share with all invitees. Family and friends can enjoy watching the party at their leisure and you will have a special memory of the day.

About Our Party Facilitators

Our experienced music teachers / party leaders create Music Magic for memorable parties to suit the age and needs of your child. They are the teachers that take sessions in our studios or in child care centres and schools, so are fully qualified to run a music session with children, and have experience being party leaders.

What We Do

Children 1 – 5 yrs

We will sing dance and play, using a variety of puppets, props and instruments. The children will experience a range of beautiful instruments, including gathering drums. We will sing a beautiful pop up picture story book and play musical games involving parachutes and other wonderful props.

School aged children 

We will learn a folk dance, sing and play a variety of tuned and non-tuned instruments — drums, xylophones, boom whackers, tubular bells, triangles, shekeres, agogo bells, tambourines, maracas, guiros, etc. according to the ability of the children to take direction as judged by the party facilitator.

Parents of younger children are welcome to stay and join in. Due to the nature of our live presentation we will ask parents who wish to catch up to do so over tea/coffee downstairs or at a nearby cafe - not in the children's session! We are afterall there to make the birthday child’s day special and to create a memorable experience for all the children.

Party Theme Ideas

We will send you a full list of what to bring to help you prepare. We believe it’s important to keep it simple. We also provide a variety of options of take home gifts in various price brackets.

  • Fairies / Goblins
  • Transport
  • Farm Animals
  • Jungle Animals
  • Australian Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Seasons
  • Bugs & Beetles
  • The Sea
  • Games We Love
  • Teddy Bear Picnic
  • I Am the Music Man

Costs & Duration

The Magical music session will be followed by a transition to the party room for 20 minutes of eating party food, including the bringing out of your special cake, singing the Happy Birthday song and distributing the cake and party bags.

Minimum cost for a party is $195.00. This will cover the first 10 children including the Birthday child. Each additional child will cost $15.00.

We supply the invitations, the teacher and the edutainment, you supply the food and birthday cake. A $50 refundable deposit is required when booking your party. Fill out the form below to secure your place, or contact us on (03) 8554 4339 for more information.