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Pre-Instrumental Classes, from newborn

Can I try a class first?

Experience shows that it often takes at least 3 lessons for young children to familiarise themselves in new environments with new people, settle in and make friends. Just as you wouldn’t expect your child to swim on their first swimming lesson, we don’t expect them to fully participate in their first Music Works Magic session! So we offer those wanting to ‘test us out’ a 3 week trial to give your child a chance to become comfortable and actively participate in class.

Every child learns differently. Some sit and absorb while watching, others join in right away, while some need to explore the room first. We understand children and their needs. No-one is judging you or your child. When they are ready and comfortable they will all join in. Children need repetition to become familiar with the music we sing. Each week we will repeat some of what was sung the week before but often with a slight difference in the presentation.

There is new material presented each week. However, we are not there to entertain, we want everybody joining in. We ask all parents to join in…sing together (no solos) and help create a singing and dancing community. Together we will immerse the children in music. Children learn music best through song, play and dance.

The fee for your 3 week trial ($85) also includes access to 3 of the digital sound files of the songs you will be enjoying live in class each week. This assists with familiarisation of the music we sing live in class.

I have older/younger children too. Can they come to class?

Yes, we welcome older/younger siblings of the children registered for class, but please note that bookings are essential.

Ideally, children of differing ages should be registered in the individual age-specific class to get the most out of the classes. We recognise that this is not always possible, so please ask us about which age group might be the most suitable if you are bringing children of different ages. 

However, we do ask that if they are participating as much as their paid-for sibling, that you pay for the additional child.

What do I need to bring/wear to class?

Please ensure you and your child/children are comfortably dressed as the classes require some sitting down/getting up and moving around.

We find that drinks and snacks are not needed for the children during the 40 minute classes. No food may be consumed in our studio.

What happens when my child is ready to go up a class?

We usually move children up to the next age-specific class at the end of the term after their birthday. You will be able to state your preferences for class time and venue and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Do bear in mind that the class age groups are just a guide and a less confident child may benefit from staying in their familiar class for a little longer. Equally, a very confident child may be moved up early if they need the extra stimulation of an older age group class.

Can I pay for individual classes?

We cannot offer a “pay per class” option as Music Works Magic is a structured, educational activity with limited class numbers. To enable each child to get the most from the class it is necessary to have small, consistent groups each term. We provide a planned program over the course of a term, and as such have in place a strict non-refund policy.

Expectant mothers in their final trimester and mums with newborns up to 4 months are the exception to our rule. In these scenarios we will accept payment for a term and allow the classes to be carried over 2 terms, or casual payments can be made. Please call (03) 8554 4339 to check the payment rate of these classes and space availability in the class of your choice.

What if we miss classes due to illness?

Classes may be made up within a term. Simply call us on (03) 8554 4339 and let us know you won’t be in, and we can organise a make-up class at a time you are free. In extenuating circumstances we will allow them to be made up the following term with full term payment only. Our director is happy to discuss this should an issue arise.

Instrumental Students

How do I know if my child is ready to learn an instrument?

First and foremost, they must be showing an interest in learning an instrument. Furthermore, it is most important that the child can first sing tunefully and has developed a good pitching (listening) ear. While a good teacher can ensure that anyone learns the mechanics of playing an instrument, good musicians can sing, as it enables them to connect with what they are learning and further enhances the joy and pleasure of creating music.

Music Works Magic run free Instrumental Information Sessions towards the end of each term for parents and children wanting to find out more about learning an instrument, including a readiness assessment.

Can I try a lesson first?

We do offer the first class as a trial, without the need to initially commit with the teacher. You will need to pay the teacher for your trial class (cash is preferred) before confirming your commitment going forward. If for some reason you decide not to commit to lessons with that particular teacher, Music Works Magic will endeavor to organise a trial for you with another one of our quality teachers.

Do I have to have my own instrument?

Yes, you need to have access to the instrument for daily practise.

Music Works Magic do hire instruments (except pianos) on a term basis and we can recommend places for piano hire or purchase.

Do I have to attend my child's lesson?

Particularly at the beginning of the student’s instrumental journey, it is most highly recommended that an adult who will be with the child each day is present at the lesson to take notes about what the teacher requires for practice that week. 

Children learn best when nurtured by both the teacher and parent on a daily basis.

For older, more experienced students, we recommend that an adult attends at least the last 5 minutes of the lesson to discuss the week’s progress and future expectations with the teacher in order to be able to support the home practice each day.

I have older/younger children too. Can they come to the lesson?

Lesson time is for the student to connect with their teacher and focus on their instrument and learning of music. We understand that sometimes siblings are required to ‘tag-along’ but ask that they are equipped with a quiet activity that will keep them occupied for the half hour so as not to interrupt the lesson.

What do I need to bring to the lesson?

Students will need to bring their instrument (except of course if they are learning piano), as well as any books and/or CDs they are working through. Parents will need to bring a notebook and pen to take notes about what the student needs to concentrate on during practice for the coming week.

Can I pay for individual lessons?

Once you have completed your trial and make a commitment to continue, your teacher will begin invoicing you on a term by term basis. Payment is directly to them, most prefer direct deposit, in advance of the lessons. Individual circumstances and arrangements can be discussed with your teacher or our Director, Anna Mlynek-Kalman, if needed.

What if we miss lessons due to illness?

We understand that ‘life happens’, but request you give as much notice as possible to your teacher if you are going to miss a lesson due to illness, or for another valid reason (such as school camp). If possible, and enough notice has been given, your teacher will endeavour to organise a make-up lesson for you, perhaps in the school holidays, at a time that is mutually convenient.