What We Do

  • We offer 100% Organic Music
  • From newborn to adult, Music Works Magic creates organic music experiences to empower our students for a lifetime of musical pleasure.

We begin with pre-natal classes from 24 weeks, encouraging in-utero bonding while building mum’s singing and music-making confidence. These classes also establish a sound understanding of a child’s musical development and the benefits to life-long learning.

Instrumental tuition can begin once the young student has control of his/her first instrument and is singing in tune (from age 3+). We understand that without good foundations of a listening ear and effective pitch matching, learning an instrument is just mechanical. In our experience, these are the students that find it hard to connect with the instrument and lose interest, eventually giving up and missing out on the joy of a music education. Music is a journey, not a race and it’s essential to establish solid foundations for all students. Adults can embark upon this journey at any time, and also enjoy the benefits. Free readiness assessments are available by arrangement.

Our fabulous Holiday Programs provide fun music and dance opportunities for newborn to 12 year olds. Meet like-minded friends and make music together, either as a one-off, or for each day of the term holidays. Bookings Essential.

Weekly Term Programs run in Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens develop strong musical foundations. Our trained teachers bring a range of props, instruments & books which help elicit vocal, movement and instrumental responses from each of the children. In consultation with staff they develop specific programs, singing live and model for you and your children, supporting you musically with the specific themes that your children are currently exploring.

Memorable Music Parties themed to your child’s interests ensure a fun Birthday event for all who attend. We provide the trained music teacher, the venue, the invitations, and even the take-home party bags for each guest. Take home your presents and leave the mess for us to clean up!

Pre-Instrumental classes from newborn encourage students to explore body and voice, our first instruments, through live song, movement and dance. As our students grow and start to toddle about, we begin to discover a variety of instruments to help develop beat, rhythm and timbre. Each class is structured to provide all participants the experience of live singing and community music making. In class we rarely use pre-recorded music, but each term our students receive a take-home CD of the traditional children’s songs as well as songs specifically written for children that we sing in class

Our Magic Voices Children’s Choir provides an opportunity for those aged 6-12yo who wish to find or further develop their vocal skills. Discover the fun of creating wonderful harmonies and singing with friends, in a social atmosphere incorporating dance, movements, games, music education and performance opportunities.

Educator training and support is a valuable part of what Music Works Magic prides itself on providing with excellence. Over 30 years of training, educating and training the educators enables our Director, Anna Mlynek-Kalman, to share a wealth of theory, resources and music repertoire, designed to build the educator’s confidence and capabilities. Countless participants have benefited, as have the children in their care, from the short courses, 2hr PDs, intensive workshops and Kodaly qualification courses on offer, both at our studio or yours by arrangement.

Incursions to your childcare centre, kindergarten or playgroup are another way to experience the musical excellence our teachers share with both adults and children.

Help with Resource Selection, to ensure the best quality instruments, books, CDs, puppets, props and educator materials meet your budgetary needs, is just an email or phone call away. Our resource centre is open Monday - Saturday, or shop online any time.