Creative Dance Classes

Dancing is better with friends! Join in the fun.

  • Why Creative Dance and Movement?
  • Did you know that Music Works Magic offers a preschool creative dance and movement program? Our program is relaxed, creative-based dance and aims to develop children's fundamental movement skills. Our classes are not gender specific - fun for everyone!
  • You must crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. Before young dancers learn how to plié, pirouette or shuffle, they need to learn how to hop, skip, jump and balance. The right kind of movement at an early age is not only benefit for physical growth, but can also grow neural pathways - in fact, research has shown a strong correlation between gross motor skills and reading.
  • Dance Works Magic uses brain-based creative dance to teach the children the fundamentals of movement which prepares them for other activities such as Soccer, Tennis and Gymnastics. It also helps other academic activities such as reading and writing.

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Creativity is a learned skill!

Children need to be given space and opportunity to practice using their imagination without instruction or judgement. Through creative dance we encourage the imagination, inventiveness and problem solving. 

The best part: children don’t know any of this, they’re just having fun! We use games, props, obstacle courses, short choreographed pieces and make-believe in a safe and supportive environment to ensure the children are having fun while they learn.

Ballet, tap and jazz are specialised forms of dance which require high levels of technique, using specific groups of muscles in unique ways.We believe that by developing and practicing the fundamental stage of movement during the preschool years, children will more easily and more correctly learn the more specific movements of technical dance styles when they are ready. 

While it sounds counterintuitive, movement helps young children to concentrate and calm by filling their sensory needs and consuming excess energy.

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