20 hour training

100% Organic Music Teacher Training

Following on from the foundational Introduction to 100% Organic Music 2hr PLD, this comprehensive teacher training course is designed for adults working with children, babies to 8yo.

Participants come together for a total of 20 hours over 10 sessions to build on their confidence, extend their repertoire and discover many magical ways to create the repetition that is required for children to feel comfortable to sing, dance and play.

Dr. Anna Mlynek-Kalman personally facilitates each of the sessions at our Elsternwick studios. Online participation is also available for those too remote to join us in-person.


Learn to:

Participant requirements:

create meaningful, sequential, developmentally appropriate music programs for young children with clear goals and evaluation criteria

develop confidence in your own musical ability

Foster mindfulness of sound and awareness of beauty within sounds

extend your song and game repertoire

understand the role of music literacy

use instruments effectively

 Learn how to effectively engage children using  a range of props 

understand how to incorporate vocal play in your daily musical presentations and why this is so important

evoke musical responses and help children sing in tune with confidence

understand music and how it effectively fits into the EYLF

understand how to deliver a 100% Organic Music Program


PREREQUITISE completion of the Introduction to 100% Organic Music

observation of 3 recorded classes as presented by Music Works Magic

willingness to actively participate

presentation of 3 musical items to the group demonstrating a thorough understanding of teaching points explored

During the course:

each participant will be offered a wealth of new material and ideas, supported by a workable educational philosophy

build a resource file of exciting, fun material including songs, dances and games 

gain confidence in using your singing voice

develop and understanding of vocal health techniques

learn reflective evaluation practice

explore the application of percussive and melodic instruments for classroom use

Discover how to use props to peak the magic of music 

Gain confidence to sing books and create a sense of hushed wonder


The 100% Organic Music Teacher Training Course includes 10 live sessions of 2hrs each, run over a number of weeks at mutually convenient times for the current participants.

Each session builds on the confidence, understanding, skills and repertoire of each participant, and includes time for reflection and discussion of classroom results throughout the course.

The complete course costs $880 (inc GST) and each registered participant receives a certificate of completion and a comprehensive set of course notes.


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