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Courses & Resources for Music Teachers

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Our philosophy

At Music Works Magic, we understand that the voice is our first instrument and that if you can sing in tune, you know how to listen and recall the sounds that you hear.

And, if you want your children to learn to play instruments, it’s vital they master their first instrument - the voice - and learn to sing in tune. Good musicians always sing.

This process can begin with babies. We don’t wait until our children are old enough before we talk to them. Babies have musical memory from as young as 22 weeks in-utero. It’s wonderful if children can be surrounded by a community, or group that can sing together, vocalise and interact through music.

Invite Music Works Magic to your Centre

  • Teachers can come for a special one off incursion visit
  • Teachers can come weekly on a regular basis
  • Teachers can visit several times a term
  • Our Director Anna Mlynek-Kalman can come to your centre to conduct a workshop for your staff so that they can feel more confident to sing and create music in your centre.
  • Our fabulous range of resources may be of interest. Need advice on which resources would best suit your needs and budget -call Anna on 0425854020 or leave a message on 85544339 for us to call you or email

How we can help you make a difference

  • Create meanigful, sequential, developmentally appropriate music programs for young children with evaluation criteria.
  • Develop confidence in your own musical ability.
  • Extend your song, dance and game repertoire.
  • Understand basic music literacy and it's place in the education process.
  • Use onstruments approplriately in your program.
  • Help children sing in tune with confidence.

Anna Mlynek-Kalman will run 3 courses Back to top

Course 1

A 16 hour workshop introducing teachers to a broad range of music, presentation and resource ideas suitable for babies-8yrs. No experience required.

April 8-10th

(School Holidays)



Course 2

A 12 week Kodaly pre- school teacher course run under the auspices of KMEIA.

Next course TBC


2 hour Workshop Somewhere In Australia!

Musical ideas for Early Childhood.

Saturday May 6th

9.00 - 11.00am


Teachers from interstate wishing to participate should phone Anna on 0425854020 or email are also looking to run the Kodaly music teacher training course for early childhood in 2017. Dates to be finalised.

How we teach Back to top

1. Our teachers sing live

Recordings can be fun to listen to but in a music class it is vital that the teacher can be a good model for the children. The children need to hear their teacher sing and hear their own voices. In our courses we help teachers guide young children through a range of activities that include warming up, vocalising and exploring the range of the voice.

2. Our teachers help children explore their voices

If adults sing in an adult friendly pitch, down low, this is not going to serve your child best. We help teachers to sing up high and explore the whole range of the voice not just the lowest notes we can produce. These will serve to turn your toddlers into droners. They will confuse their singing and talking voices.

3. Our program includes a range of traditional children’s songs as well as songs specifically written for children.

4. Our program includes movement, both creative and non-prescribed and folk dances.

5. Our program provides the opportunity to develop a strong sense of beat from birth and to develop rhythmic skills for older children.

6. Our program helps teachers to fostergood listening skills.

Good listeners become good learners and with the right experiences good musicians.

7. Our program provides opportunities for audiation or inner hearing.

This is a process where we hear the sounds in our heads. this process ensures that the children hear the sounds they will produce in their heads before sounding them out. This helps to develop greater accuracy in singing.

8. Our program uses instruments in a carefully guided fashion and only once the children have a repertoire of song to play along to.

If making more and more noise is the sole purpose of the instruments then one would have to ask what’s the point?

9. Our program helps children identify different timbres or sounds of the various instruments.

Teachers explore how children can use their listening and audiation skills to play the instruments with greater awareness of sound produced, sensitivity and accuracy.

10. Our program looks at how children learn, how the voice works, stages of development and explores the various goals we as music educators must strive to achieve in our teaching.

11. Our program looks at evaluation techniques.

It’s important to remember that each child learns differently at a different pace. Many children need to explore a room and feel comfortable and familiar in a space and with a group and repertoire of songs before they will interact and participate.

12. We explore a range of fabulous resource materials available for purchase and those that can be made simply for effective teaching.

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Become a Music Works Magic Teacher

If you have a passion for singing and making music with young children and would like to join our team of committed and creative teachers contact us to find out what to do. Arrange to come and see our classes in action. Meet our director, Anna Mlynek-Kalman. Back to top


Doing your course has given me the confidence not just to work with children but to sing and lead parents to sing with their children. You have inspired me, Anna to go out there and get everyone singing! Together we can change the world, and fill it with the love, joy and energy that music brings! Thanks so much Keep in touch. S. T. (teacher)

Sorry I had to rush off yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you and that I really enjoyed the presentation. I have done many music workshops over the years where the presenters used the very high sing-song voice but have never explained why this is preferable to the lower register. I hadn't really thought before about the use of recorded music denying children the chance to really hear and focus on their voice at work. thanks again. Tess Brooks Balwyn East Kindergarten

The Latest Ideas click here to see our Educational Resouces

8 week Teacher training workshop commences June 11th-13th (Queen's birthday long weekend. Learn how to teach music effectively to babies-8yrs. click here.jpg

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