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Folkmanis Puppets Range - Animal Hand Puppets page 1

These exciting toys are American designed and engineered. Imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life. A gift of a puppet encourages imaginative, open-ended play, endearing hugs, and snuggly companionship.
Choose from our fabulous range of puppets and enjoy the creative experience.

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Animal Hand Puppets 1 (Alligator - Crab), 2 (Dinosaur - Frog), 3 (Frog - Orangutan), 4 (Orangutan - Rabbit) & 5 (Rabbit - Wolf)
Finger Puppets 1 & 2

Stage Puppets

Little Puppets

Character Hand Puppets
Puppetry Tips and Book Recommendations for Pairing with Puppets

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Alligator large.jpg Alligator

Prod. ID: 2130

This cuddly Alligator will swamp you with affection! This realistically rendered puppet, with his silk-screened velour and velveteen body and soft plastic teeth, crouches at the riverbank ready to make a splash in your home! Movable mouth
Dimensions: 24" L, 13" W, 2" T

$54.00 AUD

American Alligator.jpg

American Alligator

Prod. ID: 2921

AMERICAN ALLIGATOR PUPPET will swamp you with affection! This realistically rendered puppet, with velour ruching on his body and soft plastic teeth, crouches at the riverbank ready to make a splash in your home! The American Alligator puppet is recommended for ages 3 and up.


$110.00 AUD



Prod. ID: 2953

Prized for their lustrous, warm fleece, Alpacas grow their long wooly coats to withstand the crisp mountain air. The Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet is as soft and gentle as a Peruvian flower. Its sweet face with a movable mouth and ultra-soft micro fiber body plush make this Alpaca puppet irresistibly cuddly.

$86.00 AUD



Prod. ID:2973

With their elongated snout and thin tongue, this slick anteater will happily munch on the ants in your garden.

$36.00 AUD

FM3042 arctic fox.jpg

Arctic Fox

Prod. ID:3042

Hiding behind a snow covered tree, you will find this cunning creature. It quietly sneaks, through layers of ice and snow, looking for its next prey. The arctic fox is a graceful and sly animal with thick, white fur. Educational and fun, this cuddly hand puppet is perfect for performance and play time. Features a movable mouth.

$59.00 AUD

FM3043 armadillo.jpg


Prod. ID:3043

Hiding under its leather-looking armour, is an adorable Armadillo hand puppet. Made of plush brown fabric, this realistic Armadillo is both fun and educational. When it is feeling shy, it rolls into a ball inside its armoured shell. Roll it across the floor, but don't let it roll out the door! You'll have a ball performing with this this plush, brown Armadillo with its moveable legs and head.

$44.00 AUD

Bat- Brown.jpg Bat

Prod. ID: 2391

This realistically detailed Brown Bat puppet features a workable mouth, complete with fangs, and leather-like fabric wings, which spread into an infamous silhouette, then flap silently into the darkness. Befriend this creature of the night and he just might rid you of the scourge of stinging insects. Movable mouth and wings
Dimensions: 12" L, 24" W, 3" T

$49.00 AUD

Bear- Baby Black.jpg Bear Baby Black

Prod. ID: 2232

This familiar face from the woodlands of North America could charm the honey from the bees. One of our original designs, the baby black bear puppet's popularity still runs strong. With his soft fur and sweet face, you'll love him, too.

$32.00 AUD

Black bear cub folkmanis hand puppet.jpg Bear Black Cub

Prod Id 2831

The Folkmanis BLACK BEAR CUB is an unbearably cute 15-inch puppet. Just the right amount of stuffing makes this cub a snuggly teddy bear but with additional play value-it has a movable mouth and front paws. Made of silky soft fabric, Black Bear Cub has safe, soft, vinyl claws, a smooth, suede-like nose and paws and a contrasting brown snout. His facial features bring an innocence only found in little cubs. Black Bear Cub is Grrrreat!

$69.00 AUD

grizzly bear.JPG
Grizzly Bear

Prod Id 2954

Lumbering and sniffing around for a snack, this Grizzly Bear puppet is also hungry for love! Decked out in thick, soft, gold-tipped plush, with soft claws and a movable mouth for chewing or chitchat, the Grizzly Bear Puppet will soon be your huggable companion.

$78.00 AUD

bear in a tree puppet folkmanis.jpg

Bear In A Tree Stump

Prod Id 2904

Peeking from his hiding place safe inside a tree stump, this familiar face from the woodlands of North America could charm the honey from the bees. With his soft fur and sweet face, you'll love animating the BEAR IN TREE STUMP's mouth and arms to play a game of peek-a-boo!

$54.00 AUD

s'tail b'fly.jpg

Swallowtail Butterfly

Prod ID: FM3029

$35.00 AUD



Prod. ID: 2979

With her cheeky smile and soft fur, this one-humped camel is looking to cross the Egyptian deserts and have some fun with you.

$70.00 AUD

black cat.jpg

Black Cat

Prod ID: FM2987

Feline fans don’t care much about superstition when it comes to the new BLACK CAT puppet. Stretched out and ready for playtime, this cool kitten has sleek, short, ebony plush with movable mouth and front legs. Intense eyes convey that this cat means business to any who dare cross its path.

Movable mouth and forelegs

$47.00 AUD

Cat- Fluffy.jpg Cat, Fluffy

Prod. ID: 2566

A princess among kitties, this whimsical Fluffy Cat has a moveable mouth with a realistic tongue to demand more kibbles. Her extra fluffy body and long luxurious tail are sure to illicit lots of laughs. Moveable mouth.
Dimensions: 14" L, 9" W, 12" T
$54.00 AUD

orange tabby kitten.JPG
Orange Tabby Kitten

Prod. ID: 2845

Sleek orange striped fur and wiggly whiskers adorn this feisty good luck charm. Animate the legs and head of this kitten puppet to make her pounce and preen. Be careful - she'll hold onto whatever she can grab and that might just be you!

$35.00 AUD

Cat- Ragdoll.jpg Cat, Ragdoll

Prod. ID: 2558

Snuggle up with this furry, floppy realistic feline. This Ragdoll Cat is true to its breed. With relaxed paws and a long fluffy tail, it looks almost boneless! Put side by side with a real live cat and it would be hard to tell the difference. Made of long, chocolate tipped plush with white markings. Movable mouth
Dimensions: 28" L, 7" W, 7" T

$78.00 AUD

tuxedo cat.JPG

Tuxedo Cat

Prod. ID: 2955

Always dressed to the nines, this natty catty is ready to step out on the town. The Tuxedo Cat puppet has a movable mouth and front paws that bring him to life like a real cat -full of curiosity or seeking a lap for a nap.

Movable mouth, front paws.

$66.00 AUD

SCOT cat.jpg
Scottish Fold Kitten

Prod ID: FM2989

Fancy the latest cat to the clowder: a sweet faced SCOTTISH FOLD KITTEN. A newly popular and distinctive breed, this puppet features unique folded ears and a rounded face with large, broad-set eyes that convey this kitty’s need for affection. Play with the moveable mouth and front paws of this white and blue-grey beauty and you’ll see that she is a purr-fect companion!

Movable mouth and forelegs

$54.00 AUD



Prod ID: FM2999

Not a pest but rather a jewel, the brilliant, emerald green CATERPILLAR puppet is a shining example of nature’s wonder. Feel the silky, smooth texture of its flexible “skin” as you use two hands to create a wave-like motion. This baby insect is hungry for playtime!

Movable mouth, thoracic legs and rear end

$26.00 AUD

Chameleon.jpg Chameleon

Prod. ID: 2215

Eye-catching and fly-catching! Our shimmery green Chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while its lightning fast tongue darts forth to nab prey. Hand enters from underneath. Movable mouth, tongue & eyes.
Dimensions: 18" L, 6" W, 11" T

$59.00 AUD

FM2861-Chicken.jpg Chicken puppet

Prod. ID: 2861

Feathers are flying as Folkmanis introduces the funky chicken puppet. Guaranteed to be first in the pecking order, this chicken puppet is crazy-fun! Movable beak and two-handed wing design allow for endless combinations of clucking, strutting, scratching and flapping!
Two handed puppet design so you can animate the wings and beak.

Dimensions: 12" L, 9" W, 22" High

$69.00 AUD

funky chicken.jpg

Funky Chicken

Prod ID: FM3030

$30.00 AUD

Baby Chimpanzee FM2877.jpg

Baby Chimpanzee

Prod. ID: 2877

This adorable Folkmanis baby chimpanzee is ready for playtime. With his cute expression and movable mouth he'll be loved by everyone.

Age: 3 years +

Dimension:13L x 38H x 20W

$48.00 AUD

chipmunk eastern.JPG

Chipmunk, Eastern

Prod. ID: 2888

Chubby cheeks and racing stripes greet you when this friendly chipmunk climbs aboard your hand. Has a moveable mouth and arms

$39.00 AUD

Hermit Crab.JPG

Hermit Crab

Prod. ID: 2867

Feeling crabby? This brilliantly coloured crab puppet can cheer you up in a pinch! With his bright orange body and soft patterned shell, he'll sidle blithely into your heart. Slip your hand inside his underside to wiggle legs and pincers

$49.00 AUD

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