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560 Glenhuntly Rd
Elsternwick 3185
Tel 0425 854 020
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Pre-instrumental Music Classes: Enrolment Form, Term 2, 2017

Enrolment Form for Music Classes Term 3, 2017

Music for Babies Toddlers & Preschoolers, at our new main studio location: 560 Glenhuntly Rd Elsternwick. We are currently waitlisting others in other areas around Melbourne. Pro rata after the term begins. Check first for availability. Call 855 44 339 Click here to see.

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PAYMENT DETAILS Term 3 commencing 17/07/2017 and ending 23/09/2017

For our music classes to be most effective at growing your baby's musical intelligence, your baby needs to be hearing our music on a daily basis. Like any language, development comes from immersion! To this end, we encourage all new parents to purchase a CD and starter pack (details below). Use this pack to sing the songs and interact musically with your child at home!

The CD is pitched and designed specifically to encourage aural development. The song material complements what is covered live in class. All proceeds go to the Learning for Life Autism Centre, helping to fund programs for autistic children and their families.There are 5 Cds to collect. 

Payment for 10 weeks + CD: $270* + Starter Pack for babies: $42 =$312 

For babies classes parents will purchase a one time take home pack including a scarf, a ball, 2 shakers, 2 slinkies, 2 stars, one set of bells, a bubbles pack. Usually $45.55. Our price to you, $42 - one time purchase only

Payment for 10 weeks + CD: $270* + Starter Pack for toddlers: $52 =$322 

For toddlers and preschoolers parents will purchase a one time pack including a set of resonator bars, a slide whistle, a kazoo and a wooden guiro presented in a bag with a badge. Usually $57. Our price to you,$52 - one time purchase only.

*includes new student registration fee and Music Works Magic CD with booklet. 

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